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inserer un disque dans mon serveur hp proliant ml110

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inserer un disque dans mon serveur hp proliant ml110

Bonjour j'ai un serveur hp proliant Ml 310 gen 10 avec 2 disques en raid1 installé et en production.

j'aimerais savoir s'il est possible d'ajouter lun disque supplémentaire sans formater le disque lors de la configuration du raid.

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Re: inserer un disque dans mon serveur hp proliant ml110


You have posted a question in the English Community. If you are able to repost your question in English, you may reach a larger audience and have a better chance of receiving a reply.

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Re: inserer un disque dans mon serveur hp proliant ml110

Hello blackordy,

I managed to translate what you had posted and got a rough idea of your question.

You have an ML310 Gen 10 HP server (in the heading it is mentioned ML110) with 2 disks in RAID 1 installed and in production.
You would like to know if it is possible to add an additional disk without formatting the disk during the configuration of the raid.

To begin with, there is no ML310 Gen10, there is ML110 Gen10.

Refer the server quickspecs 

Please check which controller the server uses for the RAID configuration

It could be
- Smart Array S100i SR Gen10 SW RAID controller
- Smart Array E208i-p SR Gen10 Controller
- HPE Smart Array P408i-p SR Gen10 Controller

When you say "add an additional drive" do you mean adding it as a spare drive or adding it with the purpose of making the logical drive bigger.

You can add the drive as a spare drive using HPE SSA.

But if you need to expand the array, you would have to migrate it to RAID 5 and that is not supported on the S100i controller. That can be done with e-series and p-series controllers.

Refer the controller features in the following guide (pages 9-12)

S100i supports RAID 5, but in order to configure it, you need to 
- Backup all data
- Delete the existing RAID 1
- Add the new hard disk (considering the size is same or larger than the existing two drives)
- Configure RAID 5 using the 3 drives
- Restore data from backup

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Re: inserer un disque dans mon serveur hp proliant ml110

Thank you for your response to my post.
I am sure that if I try to expand the size of my drive I will lose the data.
the disk that I want to add contains data that I would like to transfer to my ML110 server by putting the disk into a slave for example to then perform the transfer.
once finished I may try to expand the disk.
I actually have a HP proliant ML110 server with HPE Smart Array P408i-SR SR Gen10 controller.
Could you tell me how to do it without formatting my hard drives.

thank you in advance