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install w2k3 server on ML 150 G3


install w2k3 server on ML 150 G3

I know this process simply cannot be this difficult, but it seems it

simple set up. 1 scsi HD, not using raid at all. just want to install w2k3 and I have the floppy drive also (since smart start doesn't apply w/150's).

hit f6 to load scsi extracted files from floppy during 2003 installation...still end with road block disk drive not detected on system.

(even thought during post it's detected)

I even tried different drivers. no luck.

smartstart spoiled me I guess with my other servers (ml350's..etc)lol

am I missing something here? any suggestions bro's?

Re: install w2k3 server on ML 150 G3

closing. have another issue