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installation of a rack server :: suggestion

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installation of a rack server :: suggestion

Very soon I have to move an existing Debian GNU desktop box to a server class setup at a major ISP here. At present the box is just acting as a firewall. I am looking at a HP server (rack mountable) with 2 CPUs. I will be migrating a Win 2000 based intranet http server, move the dial-up RAS for PPP (general public) users, move the present sendmail based server to Exim on this, etc. I want to deploy a hardware raid-array on which to cache all traffic, sort of a caching server. I request suggestions on hardware, scalability is a very important factor both CPU and disk I/O-wise. So would not mind putting in hot-swap modules for PS, HDD and CPUs. The user count will scale up suddenly, say from the present 500 odd users to 1000 times or so in a very short period of 6 months. The OS would be Debian GNU `sarge' with a SMPed Linux kernel. URLs pointing to relevant docs will be a big help. TIA.....



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Re: installation of a rack server :: suggestion


There are several options for you to consider, all with excellent reputation in the marketplace: DL560 & DL580 both go to 4-way CPU with many options such as you mention. I am unable to comment on Debian but the DL series servers support Linux (as you would expect).

Have a look at
Specs are at

Given your comments about scalability I would suggest something with significant upgraeability e.g. DL560, see attached .pdf

There are simpler, cheaper options also from HP/Compaq. FYI Most Intel servers from HP come with the "Compaq Proliant" badging.

Good Luck

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