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installing A VGA card on DL380 G4

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installing A VGA card on DL380 G4

i have 14 DL380 G4 and i need to install an application that uses at least 32MB VGA .

the supplied expansion slot is having PCI-X and i cant find a solution to this problem.

the server supports 8MB internal . i have used lots of cards but all didnt work out.

HP are saying that i have to change the raiser to PXI-EXPRESS

i cant do that since it will take 6 weeks to arrive from US.

any idea
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Re: installing A VGA card on DL380 G4

Hi Amjad,
Have You checked the avaialability of PCI VGA card with 32MB?? But it will be slower than what you have ( AGP with 8MB), still only maximum memory, which GPU can handle is the problem (not speed of the GPU), you can try the PCI VGA cards with 32MB, which is very cheaply available.


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Re: installing A VGA card on DL380 G4

i have tried to install a 32MB VGA but the server is not booting...

the fans are giving a higher level of sound and the server is not booting.

i have contacted the service disk again in a local company that deals with HP server and they told me that ihave to change the raiser. thats the only choice.

another thing is they have mentioned if i got the card installed that ineed to access the BIOS to enable an external VGA.

ihave already done that step but i wasnt able to get that option on the BIOS. like they are speeking about another BIOS version.
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Re: installing A VGA card on DL380 G4

When I installed a video card in a ML570 G1, I had to disable the onboard video controller( dip switch )and I had to place the video card in PCI slot [b][u][i]1[/i][/u][/b]. When the video card was not in slot 1, all type of interesting behavior would happen.