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installing windows 2000


installing windows 2000

I am installing win 2000 on my DL580 G3 with four SCSI drives.  I get to the F6 part but don't have the file required.  Can anyone tell me the software needed?  I don't have an A drive either.  I assume the CD drive will do.

James Davies


Re: installing windows 2000

Try this:  SmartStartCD 7.90


SmartStart is an essential single-server deployment tool that simplifies HP ProLiant server setup, providing a repeatable way to deploy reliable and consistent single-server configurations. SmartStart uses embedded ROM-based setup utilities (RBSU) to configure server and array controller hardware. SmartStart assists with the OS installation process by preparing the system for installing "off-the-shelf" versions of leading operating system software and automatically integrating optimized HP ProLiant server support software drivers, utilities and management agents, known as ProLiant Support Packs. SmartStart users enjoy the following benefits:

  • An easy-to-use, intuitive graphical interface that guides you through preparing your system for the OS installation process.
  • Integration of key server software drivers and management agents through ProLiant Support Packs with every assisted installation.
  • Dependency and validity checks to ensure that all supported ProLiant software can be installed.