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intel xeon quad core

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intel xeon quad core

I just bought a 2.4 intel xeon quad core for my proliant dl320 g5 server and when I boot it says that the processor is unsupported and that I may need to update the ROM. So I downloaded the newest ROM available and it still will not boot.
This is what I just updated with:

any ideas? I called in to the sales center and they told me this was right processor for my server, I hope they weren't wrong.
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Re: intel xeon quad core


Basically, if you received that message is a result of adding this new processor, you may choose 0ne of these 2 optiones:

1)Updating system ROM without removing the processor.

2) If the "Unsupported Processor Detected" message is displayed, and you choose to remove the processor, update the system ROM using any standard ROM flash mechanism. After updating the system ROM,
install the new stepping processor.

Page 48, 49, 83, 84
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Re: intel xeon quad core

That sounds like what I did, is there maybe another ROM that I should be using? I made a bootable USB with that ROM and I am still getting the "unsupported processor detected" error.
Daniel Bowers
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Re: intel xeon quad core

Do you have a DL320 G5, or DL320 G5p?

The "G5" (without the "p") doesn't support the quad-core Xeons, according to the quickspecs ( ).

The "G5p" does support the quad-core Xeon 3220 (2.4GHz). (

The DL320 G5p has a similar 775-pin CPU socket to the DL320 G5, but it's a different motherboard, chipset, and BIOS. If that BIOS update you linked successfully installed, then presumably you have the "G5", and not the "G5p", which means that quad-core processor isn't going to work.

If you do have the G5p, the BIOS is here: