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interim recovery mode - DL380 G3


interim recovery mode - DL380 G3

Dear All,


Please i need your suggestings on below case,


I have a DL380 G3 server, i got a drive failure (in SLOT 5) in one of the logical drive running under Raid 5.


after replacing the faulty drive with a new similar drive the data recovery didn't start, after checking from ORCA i couldn't see the SLOT 5 again.


We did some troubleshooting  ( runnig some diagnostic test, FW upgrade, making sure that the new disk is work perfectly) on the server but result was the same, the SLOT 5 is not showing anymore from ORCA, so we decided to change the SCSI backplane.


After changing the SCSI backplane, I can see the SLOT 5 again, but it's showing the following status "  Interim Recovery mode ".  


we did a power cycle of the system but result still the same, please i need your advise on how to let the data recovery start ?