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intermittent fan noise proilant ml350 gen9

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intermittent fan noise proilant ml350 gen9

I have a ml350 gen 9 server with windows 2012 server since 2016, three weeks ago it started to increase the speed of the fans intermittently and randomly. Following the instructions in the document a00008294es_es, I updated the firmware version of the smart p440 ar controller to version 7, but the problem was not solved. The characteristics of the problem are the following: it has three fans; 1, 2 and 3. all three run at the same speed (7% to 18%) most of the time, but sometimes fan 2 and fan 3 increase their speed variably from 19% to 68 % while fan 1 does not exceed 15% in the best of cases. Swap the fan locations, but the fan at the location of fan 1 always fails, so it is not a fan failure. This occurs repeatedly but randomly. The temperature is always kept in the same ranges according to the ILOS information, at 50% of the precautionary levels. I am in the process of changing the smart storage battery, but from the information I have this does not affect the speed of the cooling system. I appreciate any ideas. Thanks


Re: intermittent fan noise proilant ml350 gen9


I would request you to keep the server room in an ambient temperature less than 40°C itself. 

Server should be update with the latest bios and firmware.

Please verify if the BIOS settings are changed to the Optimal Cooling option: 

1. From the System Utilities screen, select System Configuration>BIOS/Platform Configuration (RBSU)>Advanced Options>Fan and Thermal Options>Thermal Configuration and press Enter.

2. Select a setting and press Enter.

a. Optimal Cooling

—Provides the most efficient solution by configuring fan speeds to the minimum required to provide adequate cooling.

3. Press F10.


If the issue still persists, I would request you to log a case with the HPE Server Support team with the latest AHS logs so that they can do a detailed analysis on this and provide an action plan accordingly. 


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Re: intermittent fan noise proilant ml350 gen9

Hello all, finally the problem was solved. Update the ILOS and all firmware. After that, I kept getting an error with the smart storage battery. They proceeded to change it and the noise disappeared completely. Eureka !! I hope this answer is useful to english is product from google translator :=)