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iscsi boot - dl360 G5

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iscsi boot - dl360 G5


I'm trying to boot a 360 G5 from via iSCSI but it's failing the login at boot:

POST messages:
Starting iSCSI boot option rom initialization...
Logging in...error - failing.

Interestingly (and correctly) the authentication method is set to none.

I've looked at a TCP capture and the box succeeds the first login but immediatly after the second login the iscsi target closes the connection (tcp fin).

I've compared this to a sucessful session running in windows and there are some minor differences to the key/value pairs (receive buffer length/CRC etc) and also the ISID is all zero at the boot session but has values when running from windows.

I'm not sure what/where the problem is - all the values seem to be setup correctly - after all the first login command succeeds.

Anyone any pointers as to what is the problem or where to look to diagnose this further?

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Re: iscsi boot - dl360 G5


I don't have idea from this iSCSI boot, but here is a Linux iSCSI boot guide :

hope it helps you