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isp requries a scipt file to login

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

isp requries a scipt file to login

I need some help please,
I've setup a Neoserver150 for a friend who wanted a small easy network for himself and 8 employees, the only problem is that the ISP requires a script to login.
(my isp does not require a script and the dialin works fine).
Is there a way I can make the neoserver run a script during the dial in process as I do not want to change ISPs?


the script is attached below
; This is a script file that demonstrates how
; to establish a PPP connection with a host
; that uses a menu system.
; A script file must have a 'main' procedure.
; All script execution starts with this 'main'
; procedure.

; Main entry point to script
proc main

; Change these variables to customize for your
; specific Internet service provider

integer nTries = 3

; This is the login prompt and timeout values

string szLogin = "username:"
integer nLoginTimeout = 3

; This is the password prompt and timeout values

string szPW = "password:"
integer nPWTimeout = 3

; This is the prompt once your password is verified

string szPrompt = "@pent"

; This is the command to send to establish the
; connection. This script assumes you only need
; to issue one command to continue. Feel free
; to add more commands if your provider requires
; it.

; This provider has a menu list like this:
; 1 : Our special GUI
; 2 : Establish slip connection
; 3 : Establish PPP connection
; 4 : Establish shell access
; 5 : Download our software
; 6 : Exit
; annex:

string szConnect = "^M"

; Set this to FALSE if you don't want to get an IP
; address

boolean bUseSlip = FALSE

; -----------------------------------------------------

; Delay for 2 seconds first to make sure the
; host doesn't get confused when we send the
; two carriage-returns.

; LYNDEL delay 2
; LYNDEL transmit "^M^M"

; Attempt to login at most 'nTries' times

while 0 < nTries do

; Wait for the login prompt before entering
; the user ID, timeout after x seconds

waitfor szLogin then DoLogin
until nLoginTimeout

transmit "^M" ; ping
nTries = nTries - 1


goto BailOut

; Enter user ID

delay 1

transmit $USERID, raw

delay 1

transmit "^M"

; Wait for the password prompt

waitfor szPW until nPWTimeout
if FALSE == $SUCCESS then
goto TryAgain

; Send the password

delay 1

transmit $PASSWORD, raw
; transmit "^M"

; put in delay and transmit enter

delay 1
transmit "^M"

; Wait for the prompt

; commented next 2 lines out

; waitfor szPrompt

; transmit szConnect

if bUseSlip then
; An alternative to the following line is
; waitfor "Your address is "
; set ipaddr getip
; if we don't know the order of the IP addresses.

set ipaddr getip 2
goto Done

; Something isn't responding. Halt the script
; and let the user handle it manually.

set screen keyboard on