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issue with storage mirroring

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issue with storage mirroring


i hope I am in the correct forum for my thread.

We use storage mirroring V4.4.2.26 Standard on a Windows 2003 Storage Server R2 SP2.

After a new installation of the system, I configured storage mirroring with three replication sets. Everything work fine, but in the right window on the the tab source, for every replication set I see the identical filename in the column "last file touched".

Does anybody have an idea?

Many thanks.


Re: issue with storage mirroring

It appears as though even if you create multiple replication sets, each with their own time, you can only specify one replication window per server pair. So if Server A and Server B are to replicate folder A and Folder B during time window A and Folder C and Folder D during time window B. The last time window was time window B and therefor that is the time window for server A and server B.

This is probably why you see the same file name because it is a replication between servers not between replication sets.

Does anyone know if this is changed in v5 of the software?

Re: issue with storage mirroring

Hi Jason,

thanks for your answer. I am glad, that this is not an error but rather a normal behavior.

greetings Daniel