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issues with scsi cdrom on 3000R

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issues with scsi cdrom on 3000R

Hi all,

I have a question regarding the proliant 3000R (E39) config ; single p2-333,
256 meg of ram, 3 X 1.6" 2.1(?) gig scsi drives, old remote insite manager
card and 2 netflex nics)

I am trying to configure the server to run windows 2000 however I am unable
to get my smartstart 5.5 cd to boot from the compaq scsi drive (tray not
slot type) when i power up the system. The machine goes through the system
check fine and loads the array and smart controller (2/P).

the machine then gives me the f10 or f1 option - if i select f10 i get the
error "system partition utilities are not available on this system"

I have heard that there may be an issue with the scsi cd-rom drives in the
3000 series and that I should attempt to use an IDE cdrom - had anyone else
heard this or am i barking up the wrong tree. ? Also I am wondering could
this be related to scsi ID ? The drive is working and properly terminated. I have used numerous copies of the smartstart media cd as well.

apologies if this is a "newbie" question but I am new to this flavour of
servers !

Janine Bertolo
Honored Contributor

Re: issues with scsi cdrom on 3000R

Hi PJ;

If your system is loading up normally with the array controller initializing and recognizing the hard drives, then most likely you are getting that error because the system partition is not installed.

To boot off the SmartStart CD and begin your installation, you should take the F1 option.

Have you been able to get the server to boot off the cd-rom drive at all? You may need to clear NVRAM on the server using the maintenance switch. The inside cover label will show you its location.

Your server shipped with an IDE cd-rom. Is that one not working?

To get results you've never had before, try something you've never tried before.
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Re: issues with scsi cdrom on 3000R

Thanks for your input JB.

I believe that there is no system partition installed.

I have inherited this server from someone else. I believe the have installed dos on the array (when i select "f1" is selected I get a windows 98 splash screen then I get dumped at a command prompt only one file on C: believe that F1 will boot to the controller set first in the system configuration. In addition the CD drive "should" always boot before the boot controller which in this case in the Smart 2 card.

I have reset the NVRAM via jumper as you have suggested and ran compaq system config utility from floppies (v2.58a). I noticed that "integrated fixed disk controller" was disabled - so I enabled it (i assume this is the integrated ide). and placed a cdrom IDE drive (sony) in drive 1 posisiton of ide cable and set the drive jumper to master. Rebooted - still it refused to boot of the cdrom (is this related to the fact it is not a compaq drive?).

I was not aware tht this unit shipped with a IDE rather than SCSI drive and I think that this may be the problem (do you have an associated part no.)- ie the smart array is loaded before the "other scsi devices" such as the cd-rom drive. However this still does not explain why the ide cdrom drive refuses to work.

your help would be most appreciated !
Andrew Stafford-Brown
Occasional Advisor

Re: issues with scsi cdrom on 3000R

Do you get El Torito Hard Stop errors when booting smartstartfrom the scsi cd drive ? and do you get Spawn Errors - eror code 13 when trying to boot the Smartstart Cd from the IDE drive ?