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Larry M Heimendinger
Occasional Visitor

I have a DL380 1GHZ G1 system running Windows 2003 server. It was more than a bit of a struggle to get it updated to do this, and I have a lingering config problem. During POST, I get a 177 Configuration not complete
COntroller order not set

error that requires F1 to continue. I have read about using built in utilities to correct this problem, but F8/F9/ don't produce any results during boot.

What is the utility to run to get this done? Does it run at boot or from Windows? The docs havent rescued me from my slow grasp of the subject apparantly.

Any help greatly appreciated.
Igor Karasik
Honored Contributor


In G1 system you need to use System Partition Utilities (press F10) and select System configurations -> configure Hardware and save configuration.
If you don't have System Partition Utilities installed you can use
SmartStart 5.50 CD: boot from SmartStart 5.50 CD and do configure hardware.
Did you update firmware with firmware maintenance CD?