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lights out RI card causes server to hand

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

lights out RI card causes server to hand

My server stopped responding, although I could ping it. Once I performed a cold reboot, I had the following error messages in the event log

Event id 10245 Source CPQRIB , the compaq remote insight board has stopped responding the driver has initiated a reset of the of the shared memory interface.

Event id 10243, source CPQRIB, The shared memory interface could not be reset, the driver is initiating a hardware reset.

Event id 10244, source CPQRIB. The hardware reset has failed. There is a hardware malfunction on the Compaq Remote Insight Board. Please contact your service provider.

Event id 1111. Source server agents. Compaq Remote Insight agent. The Compaq Remote Insight Board has detected a controller Interface error. (SNMP Trap: 9006 in CPQSM2.MIB)

Before the cold reset, I could attach to the RI board but could not start the remote console. Afterwards, all was ok.

The firmware ver of the RI board is 2.32 128 bit ssl.

Do you have any idea what caused the problem and if there is a fix so that I can stop this happening again?