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loss of network connectivity

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loss of network connectivity


We have a Hp Pro server ML310 running SCO 5.07 and an old accounts system which is all on text.

Problem we have have has just appeared after running ok for many years

simple system, draytek router (DCHP)  passive hubs an 10 pcs all using static ip addresses including the server.

for some reason the server has looses connectivity to the network , on reboot and complete power down it does connect and we can ping and telnet into the server, after a totally random time the server looses its connection and requests time out, lights on the card are still, green the 2nd ethernet port (iLO) works and i can see the lights out screen remotely. Rest of the network including a linux Nas and all pcs are still working as usual. Norton cannot find any issues on any of the PC's

Any ideas from anyone?


Re: loss of network connectivity


Please make sure to update the firmware and OS drivers and verify if the issue still persists. 

If it does then we might need to open a case with HPE and the OS support to look into this. 


Shruthi (HPE Employee)

I am an HPE employee
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