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m400 test system?


m400 test system?

The m400 catridges contain ARMv8 processors meant for operation within a dense cluster of such in a Moonshot chassis. 


My team is porting our data pipeline to run on the ARMv8 ISA and we'd like to get performance and power number on real world hardware before purchassing an entire chassis worth.


The m400's appear to have onboard memory, power, NIC, cooling, and a PCIe interface.  Is it possible to plug these into a generic motherboard PCIe slot for testing purposes? (Like you'd plug in a GPU or Xeon Phi)


 - Do the drivers for such exist?

 - Can you link more than one cartridge via the 10Gbe interconnect?

 - What other interconnects/interfaces do you loose - within the Moonshot what is the back plane supplying via the PCIe?