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memory upgrade possibilities

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memory upgrade possibilities

Hello everybody.
I've got 1 ML350 G4p
and 2 ML110 G2.
I actually want to upgrade their memory to max i can...i want them to host some virtual machine.
I've got Win Server 2003 Std. so my main question is how much memory can thos machine accept?

for the ML350 G4p, if i install 64bits version of Win 2003 i guess i can reach 32Gb of mem, right??

and for the ML110 G2, who also support 64bits, runnning everest corporate on it, display it max mem to be 4Gb?? is it right? or??
Vulcan Maximus
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Re: memory upgrade possibilities


Lets go according to your Queries Posted.

1. Max memory support for ML350 G4p is 12GB and for ML110 G2 4GB.

2. Next, regarding OS memory support matrix as you have not mentioned the OS specifically standard or Enterprise.Ima including All version's specs.

a.Windows 2003 Standard 32 bit--- max memory support is 4GB RAM.
b.Windows 2003 Standard 64 bit--- max memory support is 32GB RAM.
c.Windows 2003 Enterprise 32 bit--- max memory support is 32GB RAM.
d.Windows 2003 Enterprise 64 Bit--- max memory support is 1TB RAM.

Hope now you could decide on the above facts.
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Re: memory upgrade possibilities

ok thanks alot for your explanation..

As i understand to better take advantage of memory i better run a 64bits version of win server even i got a Standar version...
You know my main concern is, if i do so it means that for example the ML110 G2 "physically" only support 4Gb max. so even runnning a 64bits OS wont alter this HP born limitation...?? i'm almost sure.. but i just ask thought....