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mirro sets

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

mirro sets

I got a proliant server running Netware 4.2 with critical system installed. I wuld like to create a mirror set for tolerance. I bought a disk from compaq and i got ultra wide SCSI hot pluggable. I am sure my server doesnt have hot pluggable feature.
I bought a pair of 9.1 GB disks for the samepurpose but the problem is i cant find the serial number for the server nor can i get the SCSI controller type/connectors for the disks. Disks shipped without any controller cables. I got controller cables from the first disk which can fit

how do i go about installing the disks toi creatge a mirror set? I have the documentation from Novell, problem is tghe hardware setup side of things

please advise

Couldnt find serial number from CMOs, mother board, diagnostics or any other means