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missing 16 GB of ram in DL 140 G3

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missing 16 GB of ram in DL 140 G3


We have a DL 140 G3 server with 32 GB of ram installed. At some point of time, it started reporting that only 16 GB are installed. This probably happened after a bios upgrade and went unnoticed.

We have applied the latest bios but nothing changed. I tied changing the memory settings in BIOS but all combinations so far either cause the system to become unbootable or read only 16 GB ram. I also tried various combinations of dimms and nothng changes.

The system has 8 dimms of 4 GB each.

Anyone has a clue?


Re: missing 16 GB of ram in DL 140 G3


QuickSpec in the given wrong information. Not support 32GB memory.

The DL140 G3 supports up to 16 GB PC2-5300 Fully Buffered DIMMs (DDR2-667) with Advanced ECC. All models come standard with 1GB of memory, utilizing one DIMM slot. Customers have the choice of expanding their memory load using either 1GB or 2GB DIMMs

Configuration Guidelines
Use the following guidelines for installing memory modules.

Use only HP supported fully buffered registered ECC DDR2 667 DRAM modules in 512 MB, 1 GB, or 2 GB capacities.
Install identical modules (of the same type, manufacturer, speed, timing, and organization) per the memory mode of the server as described below.
When operating in mirror mode :
Install the first four modules in the DIMM1, DIMM3, DIMM5, and DIMM7 slots.
Memory upgrade granularity (i.e. the number of physical modules required for memory upgrade) is four DIMMs.
When operating in non-mirror mode :
Install the first pair in the DIMM1 and DIMM3 slots.
Memory upgrade granularity is two DIMMs. Observe the following channel pair sequence during installation: DIMM5 - DIMM7, DIMM2 - DIMM4, then DIMM6 - DIMM8, in that order.
When operating in single DIMM mode, the module should be installed in the DIMM1 slot.

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Re: missing 16 GB of ram in DL 140 G3

Well that was quick:)

Yes I see now in the specs that memory is stated to be 16 GB maximum. That was not the case some weeks ago when I checked website. In fact now I have a hard time locating DL 140 G3 at all in HP website.

Still that is weird though. The system was purchased with 32 GB of HP branded RAM. It used to read 32 GB of RAM. It actually needs that amount of RAM for its tasks. So something doesnt look right here.