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ml 110 G2 SATA raid 1 disk failure

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ml 110 G2 SATA raid 1 disk failure

after some power failure, my server could not boot.. stop after windows logo...
i've done a check through raid array utility and it said 1st disk was defective...

what should i do? just open the server and change the failing disk? with a disk of the same model as the currentone? then rebuild the array??

can i just take the failling disk off? and would the server accept to boot with only one disk.. for the time i buy a new disk?

Re: ml 110 G2 SATA raid 1 disk failure


You should buy a new disk. However the server should be able to boot up if only 1 disk is broken. I assume you had raid 1. You might have more issues with this servers. I would also recommend reseating parts, check dimms/cpu with offline diagnostics. Try the new disk and see if it rebuilds. You might have damaged the first HDD as well. If everything looks green and windows still freezes i would try a reinstall of OS
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