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ml 150 g5

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ml 150 g5

i have a problem and i cant find the meaning of motherboard leds...i have only the front panel error leds ..
my problem is that health led blinking red and the same time one led on the motherboard blinking red too...i do a bios update the red led stop for some hours but my windows 2003 server has error

*** Hardware Malfunction
Call your hardware vendor for support
*** The system has halted ***
the diagnostics before update said ecc error...with new ram and bios update no error report their..

Re: ml 150 g5


1. Update the Firmware on the server.
2. If the issue still persist run Offline diagnostics.
3. If diagnostics passes and error still exists bring the server down to minimum configuration. Make sure no additional pci cards are installed on the server.
4. If the server still has error, check for memory, try booting the server with the minimum configuration of the memory if the issue persists try swapping with known good memory.
5. If the issue disappears then issue could be with memory else the issue could be with system board.

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