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ml 350 don't boot on change cd rom drive

Tacchi Federico
Occasional Visitor

ml 350 don't boot on change cd rom drive


I've a problem with a proliant ml 350.
I must change cd rom drive because it don't read any cd.
I install the new drive and I try to power on the server, but the led of heal turn on amber and the server don't make the boot.

I've tried to change also the drive with another one but i've got the same problem.

If I reinstall the older drive the server make the boot.

What can I do?

Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: ml 350 don't boot on change cd rom drive

I think this is an IDE/ATA problem.
When the bios has saved the disk config. and i a new situation the master on the bus is removed, the system waits for the master to come online! This can take several (5-10)minutes!
Be patient and see if this you get a errormessage after this long time.
If so either the "new" drive is faulty, or jumpersettings prevent the system to boot correctly.
Check jumpersettings on the cd-rom drive. Cable-select not allways works correct on all combinations. so try to set master/slave explicitly on the bus.