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Re: ml 350 g6 Newest bios

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ml 350 g6 Newest bios

hello , guys

i have an ml350 g6 from ebay , and i wanted to upgrade it, so i bought two x5670 , but when i start the server up it doesn,t work and don,t show anything except red health led , i think it is an bios problem, but if you want to download the newest bios you need guarantee stuff , and i don´t have that. 

how can i get the newest bios ?

Regards, felix

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Re: ml 350 g6 Newest bios


Go here to see this:

Apparently ,in order to use 5600 series CPU in the ML350 G6 you have to have the right system board in the first place.

One system board only supports the 5500 CPU while the other supports both the 5500 and 5600 series CPU's.

On the bios side I think you can only get the latest bios if you have a current paid agreement with HP support.