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ml 570

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ml 570

I have a strange "?" question mark device in Device Manager called "hotplug PSEUDO SCSI processor device"

I am runnning a ML570 G1 server with win2k server installed.
I have also 2 FC cards ( HP D8602B )m but they look OK

Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: ml 570

Hello Kim,
The only time I have seen this happening is when the setup was done using and older version of Smartstart Cd selecting the manual path, though embedded scsi controller driver is loaded and listed correctly under SCSI and RAID controllers. In odd cases I have seen the following:
A "compaq scsi pseudo other" device listed underneath other devices in windows 2000 device manager.

What basically you need to do is to apply the latest Support Paq from our Web Site. Once you reboot then this should go away. The support paq can be downloaded from the following link:
You may also order the Smart Start CD by calling 1-800-573-1099.