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ml110 G2 470063-133

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ml110 G2 470063-133

Good morning,

I work in Pre sales.

WE have a customer looking to implement a rollout of ML 110 G2 or G3 servers.They require RAID 1 with 2 x 80GB hard drives.

Can you help clear up an issue for me?

The model 470063-133 - ML110G2, has a 4 port SATA controller. I have seen one in their production environment, and Windows is showing just one volume in disk management as a basic disk, even though 2 x 80GB drives installed.

The controller in device manager is showing as “Adaptec Embedded Serial ATA Host Raid”. My question is, have they created a RAID 1 set at the controller BIOS level? Because if this was a windows 2003 Raid, it would show as 2 drives and would need to be dynamic wouldn’t it?

On the G3 models, namely the 390411-031, the description is “Storage Controller - Integrated 2 port embedded SATA RAID (RAID levels 0, 1)”. My question is - is this hardware raid or software raid in Windows 2003?

Any help would be appreciated

Many Thanks



Re: ml110 G2 470063-133


With the info given by you, it looks like the unit has been configured with Hardware RAID.

Verify Array configuration Utility to find out which RAID has been installed and how the array is configured.

We would not be able to conlude wheather the RAID is software or Hardware through Windows Management information because the Hard drives can be configured for basic and Dynamic on both software and Hardware RAID.

Please let me know if this was the info that you were looking for or if you would need any updates.

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Re: ml110 G2 470063-133

I have received an answer from HP. THe G2 and G3 have an ability for Raid 0 or 1 built into the bios of the board.although not true hardware raid- its better than windows mirroring.