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ml110 G6 system fan noise

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ml110 G6 system fan noise

Hi everyone,

I've just bought a few new ML110 G6 servers. After the POST, the CPU's fan slows down and is very silent as I would expect but the system fan remains at a very hight speed. According to the BIOS it's on 4200RPM and the limit is 5400RPM. On this speed the fan is extremely noisy. It's unbearable after a few minutes. I believe there is no need for this speed since everything is cool in the system and there is no load at all. I have some ml110 G5 servers and they are controlling the fan speed as expected.

Do you have any solution how can I decrease the fan speed? There is no option in the BIOS for that.

I've the newest firmwares. I'm using windows 2003 and linux.