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ml110 g5 max hard drive size

mobeen chaudry
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ml110 g5 max hard drive size

Hi guys i have a ml110 g5 with windows home server, this model comes with 6 sata ports two for optical drives and 4 for hard drives. i was wondering what is the maximum size supported? id like to install 4 2tb drives.

can i use a 4 port pci express sata card to install a hard drive?

thanks for yout help

Re: ml110 g5 max hard drive size

Hi Mobeen,


Yes you can install 2 TB Sata hard drives on this model.

As per ML110 G5 quickspecs and user guide, Internal Drive Support is as follows:
4 HDD Support:
Internal SAS storage capacity of up to 1.8TB (4 x 450GB 3.5" SAS drives)
Internal SATA storage capacity of up to 8.0TB (4 x 2TB 3.5" SATA drives)

for more details and part numbers, please refer to ML110 G5 quickspecs

Hope this helps,

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Re: ml110 g5 max hard drive size

Hi, I'm trying to figure out if the onboard Sata controler of the ML110 G5 can support 3TB hard drive... I'm having a hard time to find this information. I don'T want to buy a 3TB drive if it doesn't work.


I'm planing to buy 2x 3TB drive for a raid 1+0

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Re: ml110 g5 max hard drive size

Do i need to make a firmware update (BIOS) for 2TB drives? It works on RAID1?


Re: ml110 g5 max hard drive size

Just tried a 6TB drive in ML110G5. Bios thinks it is 1.6TB. Windows 7 sees 6TB but will only format to 2TB drive. Apparently can get to 3TB if formatted as GPT.