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ml110g6 add sata wd re4 500 gb hd

marco mrcmobile
Occasional Advisor

ml110g6 add sata wd re4 500 gb hd

Hi, I would like to add another disk to our ml 110g6 server (506668-421)  with win2008r2 std installed. I would use it for internal backup.
By default this server works with two sata 250 gb hp branded disks that I have configured in mirroring mode.

On the mainboard I have other free sata connectors and I tried to add a single 500Gb WD RE4 Hard disk (wd5003abyx). This disk is brand new and it works fine tested on another desktop pc.
Problem:  it is non recognized by this server. Neither by bios, nor by operative system (win2008r2).


Could it be because the other hard disks are configured in mirroring mode? And so I cannot add another single hard drive?
I tried to connect it on every free sata port available. I tried olso to remove dvd drive and connect it in its place. No way to "see" it.
Is there a way to solve this trouble?


Thank you for support.


Abhishek Bangalore
Frequent Advisor

Re: ml110g6 add sata wd re4 500 gb hd



I understand that you are using a third hard drive to be installed on the server.


I would like to inform you that yes you will be able to install the third hard drive as including the optical drive 4 drives can be installed.


Refer the link provided below in order to check the steps for the same:




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marco mrcmobile
Occasional Advisor

Re: ml110g6 add sata wd re4 500 gb hd

Hi Abhishek,

I have looked on the suggested document, but I have found generic information about sata connections.

On the mainboard I have 4 black sata connectors for hard disks (2 used for the two hard disks in mirroring mode).
Then, I have other two blue sata connectors (one of them is used by dvd drive)

So if I connect my third hard drive (for backup use) in one of the free connectors (blue or black) anything happens.
It is not recognized. But I know it works fine because I have tried to connect it on another computer on sata port and it works.





Occasional Visitor

Re: ml110g6 add sata wd re4 500 gb hd

     I tried a few configurations with an ML110 G6 recently.  It seemed to me that the embedded SATA RAID controller doesn't show the operating system any disks attached to it unless these are configured to be part of a RAID array.  So you have to configure your new disk as a RAID array.  This may work for you:

     Download and install the "HP Array Configuration Utility for Windows" (ACU) for the ML110 G6.  The ACU runs within Windows and can configure use of a new disk attached to the embedded controller.  If the ACU finds the new disk, use the utility to configure it as an array.  This would be a one disk RAID 0.  Then Windows should be able to access it in disk management.

     If the ACU doesn't find the new disk, see if the Option ROM Configuration Utility (ORCA) finds it.  Hit F9 after the motherboard posts.  If the ORCA doesn't list the disk, see if there's a BIOS security setting that blocks the SATA socket it's plugged into, or a SATA setting that's misconfigured.  Obviously, however, the two sockets from which the RAID 1 boots are configured correctly.



marco mrcmobile
Occasional Advisor

Re: ml110g6 add sata wd re4 500 gb hd

Thank you Michael for your informations.

I had to solve the problem in another way because the customer need to start with backups. So we bought an external sata usb box where I put the wd 500re4 hard disk. I know, it's a waste of money and performance.
Anyway, when I could work on that server I will try your suggestion. Hope it will not misconfigure the existing raid because the server is placed "in production" now.

Thank you again and best regards.