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ml150 g5 system fan problem

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ml150 g5 system fan problem


i got a problem with system fans in my ml150 g5 server.

I mean by this, that after switching on computer, i hear 3 short beeps, and after about 15 seconds on screen appear information:


"System Fan2 detect failed."

And computer turing off after 10 seconds.


I need to add, that all fans in server working, i'm using only one processor.


Any ideas how to solve problem, what might be the problem?

Is there any way to skip checking fans on boot of computer?


Thanks in advice.

Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: ml150 g5 system fan problem


try reseating the cables/fans.

I don't think there is a way to skip checking the fans.
The fan could be considered failed even though it's spinning.
I haven't looked so close but maybe only one wire is 'broken' or something like that.

But it could also be something wrong with the bearings..

It's kind of hard now, but when it's working again - have you checked firmware updates? I recall that maybe there is a fix for this..

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Re: ml150 g5 system fan problem


thanks for answer.

But still, im far away from sucess.

I took fan from other server, put into my ml150. So far looks good, on screen i see information:


Flashing BMC SDR/CONFIG.. Please wait.



When it's finishing, all fans get slow down, and here i got problem, because on screen is displayed some information (which i cant read, it's disapear after 0,1 sec or so). Then i see SAS bios for about 1 sec, and computer turns off.


I realy dont know, what to do now with that computer, anyone got any suggesions? Any idea wanted:)


Thanks in advice.