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ml330 g6 and a hexacore xeon

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ml330 g6 and a hexacore xeon

Hi Everyone


I havent been able to find a solid answer to this so wondering if anyone can help.


I have a retired ml330 g6 at home at the moment and it is currently running a 5506 xeon quad


I purchased a 6 core 5638 cpu for an upgrade but its refusing to boot with it. I have seen some pages that list processor kits for this model and even though this particular one (2.0ghz) isnt listed, the other ones in that family are.


basically I am wondering if anyone else is running this cpu to confirm its supported or if there is something I need to do in the bios perhaps when installing this that im not aware of




Re: ml330 g6 and a hexacore xeon


Hi Tony,


As stated by you, the processor is not on the supported list, as seen from the server's QuickSpecs. If there are two processors installed, then, they should be of the same spare part number, meaning to say identical.


Whenever a processor upgrade is done, BIOS needs to be updated. You may obtain it from this link.


Note: You may be asked for entitlement for this download.


From the above it may be concluded that the processor may not work with this server.


Hope this is helpful!





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Re: ml330 g6 and a hexacore xeon

Hi Vijayasarathy


Thanks for your reply. I am at the point of accepting that this may be the case however I have never come across a board that didnt support a LOWER spec processor of the same family. These lists seem to be for parts that HP supply rather than the actual support list.


I will attempt to upgrade the bios and see where that gets me. I will wait to see if anyone has used this cpu with this server before I mark your reply as the solution.





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Re: ml330 g6 and a hexacore xeon

I've gotten the L5630 and L5639 to work on these motherboards. Not sure what an L5638 but maybe it is oem only?

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Re: ml330 g6 and a hexacore xeon

Ok if anyone else runs into this it was down to the good old bios


checked server and it was running a 2009 firmware. had a look at the revision history and 6 core cpus were only supported in a 2010 update.


flashed 2013 firmware and away it went.