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ml350 g4 with external scsi-ii tape drive

Stan Hubble

ml350 g4 with external scsi-ii tape drive

I would do this all the time with the g3 models. I would like to attach and external tandberg 1.2 GB (QIC) tape drive. The scsi controller on the MB has changed from ad160 to Lsi ultra320. Hard drives are on a 641 raid controller and an internal 20/40 dat is on port 0 of the lsi controller. when i connect the external drive to port 1 of the lsi controller, the post process hangs when it attempts to enumerate this device. i have tried it with both cables that are in KIT 159547-B22.

question: Is it possible for the ultra320 controller to work with the scsi-ii tape drive?
Honored Contributor

Re: ml350 g4 with external scsi-ii tape drive


There is a known issue with the 159547-B22 kit. The hex screw locks used to mount the assembly to the knockout on the chassis stick out too far and prevent the cables from mating when connected. There is a kit generated to fix this. It is spare part number 304447-001. Alternatively obtain shorter hex screws from a DIY store.

Try removing the assembly from the chassis and joining the cables together without the screws, just to prove that when fully seated everything works OK. I suspect that this is your problem.


Stan Hubble

Re: ml350 g4 with external scsi-ii tape drive

no, I don't think that is the problem.
I was trying it without the internal cables mounted in the knock outs.
I also tried it in place of the DAT drive.
with and without internal termination and termination power. I have also tried an SLR 5 drive in place of the 1.2 GB drive.
In older styles of controllers you could manually set the communication speed on a per device basis and with the ad160 you didn't have to, but it worked. This is the first ultra320 controller that i have encountered and I am not sure if this is a limitation of the controller.
Colin Archer_1
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Re: ml350 g4 with external scsi-ii tape drive

Stan, not sure if you can help but seems as though you may of experienced similar problems and hopefully resolved them

I have a ML350 G4 Proliant with 641 Array Controller running SCO 5.07 and EFS 5.64A

trying to configure HP Storage Works Dat 72 into the system using the mkdev command, and not entirely sure of the settings for HBA etc.....I notice you suggest that the HBA on G4 has possibly changed to lsil from ada160 is this true and can you throw any light on this problem
Ignacio Banuelos
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Re: ml350 g4 with external scsi-ii tape drive

I have a similar problem with an external tape drive (Sony SDT-d11000) but the LSI Controller detected it when i removed the external lvd/se terminator.
I still have I/O problems when trying to read/write data to the drive and don't know if it's an Adapter downward compatibility problem or the terminator.
Hope someone has a suggestion on this problem.