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ml350 gen10 second processor without additional fan kit

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ml350 gen10 second processor without additional fan kit

Hi. I need to start configuring a ml350 gen10, But the additional fan kit has not arrived kit for the second processor. Can I use the server with 2 proc, with minium risk without the additional fan kit?


Jimmy Vance
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Re: ml350 gen10 second processor without additional fan kit

According to the Quickspec, the 1P system ships with two fans, and a 2P systems ships with 6 fans. There is a good chance the system will not post with 2P installed if all the required fans are not present

System Fans
• Standard – fan types included
NOTE: 1P models typically ship with 2 standard fans located at system rear. These two fans are default inside every ML350 Gen10
unit and do NOT support hot-plug operations.
NOTE: 2P models typically ship with 6 standard fans which provides N+1 redundant fan feature in most of the situations. For
support detail or restriction, refer to ML350 Gen10 User Guide.
NOTE: Optional redundant fan kit (874572-B21) provides advanced cooling and redundancy functionality in heavier
configurations. Configurations that require this kit are provided in later sections. Refer to the User Guide for special configuration
scenarios where this kit is required but does not provide redundancy feature.


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