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ml350 ide problems


ml350 ide problems

We have an ML350 server. We'd like to install an IDE disk into it, for backup temporary disk area.

First I tried to use the on-board ServerWorks IDE controller - without success. With Linux 2.4 kernels I was unable to set DMA on. I could set it on with hdparm -X69 (UDMA 5). It seemed to work, but the backup sw sometimes unable to read the temporary files it has written before :-O

So I decided to install a 32bit PCI ATA controller (ITE IT8212F) into the server. Without attaching disks the server works, but connecting my IDE disk I get the following error message before booting Linux:

1706 Smart Array 5300 Controller Extended BIOS Data Area Memory Has Been Corrupted.
Array Controller Interrrupt 13h BIOS Cannot Continue.
System Halted.

What can be the problem, and how can I fix it?

Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: ml350 ide problems

Make sure your System ROM is Up to date and try other Cards, or use SCSI based resolution for backup