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mlo 370 g3 will not power on

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mlo 370 g3 will not power on

Hello all, searched the forums and the internet and cannot find any fix for this.
I have a ML370 G3 that i downed to put in a new scsi card, and it will not power back on.
The lights on the mobo are on, nic on, power button on, but when you push the button, no workie. Took the card out, same thing. took out the power supplies, put them back in, no go, tried both individually no go.

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Re: mlo 370 g3 will not power on

It seems that you have a bad power supply backplane, a bad system board, bad ppm (vrms) or it could be the power button.

Try to bring the system to min config (min Cpus, memory, no disks, etc).

Check the vrms. Reseat them.

Do you have lights on the power supplies and in the system board?

Caster Troy
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Re: mlo 370 g3 will not power on

try pressing the power button for a long time
Evil Has Its Winning Ways
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Re: mlo 370 g3 will not power on

thanks for the responses guys
yes all the lights seem to be on, and i have tried holding in the button for about 30 seconds which did not work.
there was a problem recently where this box did not want to shut off, not even after holding the power button in, had to unplug it to get it to shut off
then this last time it came all the way down, i hit the power button and it turned off
i have checked the power button and it is not obviously broken and appears to work fine
i am going to call tech support and see if it is still under warranty

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Re: mlo 370 g3 will not power on

called tech support and they are going to send out a new backplane and power switch assembly
hopefully that will solve the problem!