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modern monitor not working with HP dl380 G3

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modern monitor not working with HP dl380 G3

I just bought two of these servers to fool around with.  Got them very cheap.  Trying to load Ubuntu Server onto it.   Problem is the monitor, which I assume it wants to go into some sort of graphics mode after setup.  It works ok when looking at the bios config screens, or Ubuntu setup screens.  I tried not to load anything with graphics, but, it is screwing up after I get through doing setup.


My 2008 era LCD monitor just spazzes out, then finally comes up with a little box saying "Not optimum mode.  Recommend Mode 1680x1050 60Hz".  My newer monitor comes back with the message "Input not support".


Specs say that's an ATI Rage XL video card in there. 


Anyone know what upgraded graphics card might work?  Eventually this will be headless, but, since I'm VERY new to servers and networking, not exactly sure how to Telnet into the server, I'd like a monitor on it until I get everything set up.





Jimmy Vance
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Re: modern monitor not working with HP dl380 G3

Most distributions these day try to dfault to the highest video resolution they think the card and monitor supports.  Most want to use 1900x1200.  There are various ways arround this. If you're not goign to run X, add 'vga=normal nofb text' to the boot line. THis should disable framebuffer and force a text based installation. Google around for boot line options as there are several other ways to accomplish this, or set a specific resolution mode

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