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new SA 6402 on Proliant 350ML G3

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new SA 6402 on Proliant 350ML G3

Hi All,

I just bought 6402 to improve my server and I cannot get that working. Immediately after start, it says 1783 - Adapter slot.... is in lockup state due to hardware configuration error.

I have managed after couple of restarts to upgrade the firmware of the disks and of 6402 as well, but it still behaves like that.

Any ideas what to do next are welcome.


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Re: new SA 6402 on Proliant 350ML G3

Hello Connyas,

If there is a array accelarator module,take it out or reseat it and check if server boots ok.

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Re: new SA 6402 on Proliant 350ML G3

Hi Connyas,

If this message appears immediately following a ROM installation, the ROM is defective or not installed properly.
Check that the controller is firmly inserted in its slot.
Check for improper cabling or SCSI ID conflicts.
Try upgrading the System ROMs from here:

Hope this works!!!!

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Re: new SA 6402 on Proliant 350ML G3

Hi, thanks a lot for replies.

tried to re-insert, even moved to another slot. After first power-up it works, even the OS comes up. When I restart the server or power cycle him, the same message comes up again.

Please, do you have any ideas left?

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Re: new SA 6402 on Proliant 350ML G3

Are you using a non-hot plug cable with an active terminator on the end of it?

Install a hot-plug point to point cable from the 6402 to the SCSI backplane and 1783's should go away.

Only use a hot-plug point to point cable when attaching a Smart Array to a self terminating hot-plug SCSI backplane.
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Re: new SA 6402 on Proliant 350ML G3

You may try these options:

1-Reseat the SA6400 and cables.

2-Remove the BBWC

3-Clear the NVRAM

4-Upgrade the sysRom using this link: http://h18023.www1.hp.com/support/files/server/us/download/22051.html

5-Upgrade the firmware of the controller using this link: http://h18023.www1.hp.com/support/files/server/us/download/24943.html
Ask me, and trust my answers lol