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new disk in DL360G5


new disk in DL360G5

we have in a DL360G5, 3 HD SAS 72GB configured in RAID 5.
The OS is Windows 2000 server sp4 with the "Array Configuration Utility"

We would like to add a new HD SAS 72GB in the avalaible slot. The question is :
There is a procedure to do this update ? Documentation ? We had only to add the new hard disk and startup the server ? We need to do a new array configuration or this will done automatically ?


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Andrea C.
Honored Contributor

Re: new disk in DL360G5

You have array configuration utility installed so no worries. This can be done online.

Just add the disk
start ACU
add the disk to array as a hot spare or add it to your RAID5 set.

rescan disks from OS.
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Re: new disk in DL360G5

Thanks Jarkko