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newbie Qs on SATA RAID

Peter E James
Occasional Contributor

newbie Qs on SATA RAID

I doubt integrated SATA raid was around when the AIS book hit the streets. Are these points still true (about onboard ATA RAID):
Consider these suggestions when implementing ATA RAID:

1. Connect one drive per channel with both drives configured as masters for optimum performance.

2. Use the same type of drives or drives with similar speeds and capacities.

3. Always use 80-conductor Ultra ATA cables.

4. Do not connect any ATAPI devices (for example, CD-ROM, Zip drive, or LS120 drive) to the ATA controller.

5. If you do not run the integrated ATA RAID configuration utility, the option ROM will automatically configure the drives to RAID 0.

6. You cannot add drives or remove drives from an array that has already been configured. In addition, you cannot change the stripe size of an array that has already been configured.

Sorry about the dumb questions - if there's a more appropriate forum please point me in the right direction.
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Re: newbie Qs on SATA RAID


Two key things:
1) SATA is completely different from ATA in one detail - there is always one drive per channel as it is a point-to-point architecture; hence no more buses, master-slave & all that stuff! Just a thin cable form a controller / MB to a drive.

2) If you are referring to an embedded SATA RAID controllers available in some entry-level HP servers, bear in mind they are something in betwéen harware & software solution. From the OS perspective it is a hardware solution (e.g. no OS-level mirroring / stripping) but you need to run a driver from a floppy to make the RAID working.
Don't panic! [THGTTG]
Peter E James
Occasional Contributor

Re: newbie Qs on SATA RAID

Thanks that clears it up. What are the common configs - eg. is it Ok to run a SATA mirror off the onboard for the OS and put in a 6i for the data RAID or is it better to run everything off the 6i?
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Re: newbie Qs on SATA RAID

Your choice of SATA RAID may depend on the size & sophistication of your computer:

- is it virtually a desktop or is it a large rack-mount Server ?

I have a lowest-end ProLiant ML110 G2

I installed only the Operating System on the single SATA disk supplied. This means that I can re-build my Operating System without touching my Data.

I installed a Promise FastTrak SATA RAID Controller
- I used TXS150 TX4, now discontinued
- cost me about $70
- Today I would use TX2300, as it is SATA-2

I used 2 Maxtor 160GB SATA drives.
- Today I would use SATA-2 drives as they are faster.

The Promise PAM utility helped me configure the system as a RAID-1, which all I chose to use
- just a 2-disk fail-safe array that appears to me as a single drive letter.

I have my working Data on my Workstation and have a utility to mirror the Data onto the RAID array on my Server.

So my Data is backed up in a fail-safe place

I hope that this helps


Peter E James
Occasional Contributor

Re: newbie Qs on SATA RAID

Thanks RufusG

I'd used adaptec cards before in an HP good to know about the promisetek thats going to help with my training lab.