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i have an ML350 and i have a probleme with a Fan speed Fan what Can i do

i install the Firmware ILO + BIOS+ Controleur Card but a the noisy still yet
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Re: noisy

Which generation of a ML350?

There are many different generations of the ML350 model:
- original Compaq Proliant ML350 (generation 1)
- ML350 G2
- ML350 G3
- ML350 G4
- ML350 G4p
- ML350 G5
- ML350 G6 (the current model)

Have you installed the hardware monitoring drivers appropriate to your OS? With some older Proliant generations, the fans run at 100% speed (= very loud) if the monitoring drivers are not running.

(By the way, which Operating System are you using?)

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: noisy


Maybe the server is supposed to be noisy?

Do the fan speed go down after booting the server?

What if you boot on the smartstart CD/DVD? Does the fan speed go down after a while then?

Installing the health driver usually takes care of it.
Viktor Balogh
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Re: noisy

Just a wild guess:

Have you added memory DIMMs to the system recently? This might be the effect of some non-HP branded memory DIMMs which were installed. If the system don't sense a special sensor installed exclusively on HP DIMMs, it would crank up the fans as the system has no knowledge of the temparature/status of the DIMM.
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Re: noisy

for the ML350 G5 juste open the server
deplug replug the Contolur Carte
deplug eplug LSI Carte
start with just one power supply
change to emplacment of the Fan