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p-Class iLO firmware and bootblock update

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p-Class iLO firmware and bootblock update

There is an advisory from HP around saying that it is very important to upgrade p-Class iLO firmware and bootblock in case the revision is lower than 1.89.
Ignoring this can cause your p blade to fail completely in case of a power outage or cold boot. Especially after a board replace it is important to upgrade before you shut down the blade for the first time.

iLO firmware upgrade is easy with the firmware maintenance CD....
But how do you upgrade the iLO bootblock???

HP says that you have to call a HP technician for that but I want to do it by myself. I know there is a switch inside the blade to enable iLO bootblock upgrade... but what comes next?

In case you have a lower firmware there is not much time for experiments. If you have to switch the blade off, it will possibly newer start again. Therefore I want to be sure about how to proceed.

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