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p410i Smart Array Controller Firmware - Netware

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p410i Smart Array Controller Firmware - Netware


I have an ML350 G6 server with a HP p410i smart array controller with 2 500Gb disks running Netware 6.5 SP8.

The controller firmware is version 3.52. 

I want to replace the hardisks with 1TB disks. I replaced 1 disk and the rebuild has taken several days ( and still going).

Slow rebuild performance is a known issue with 3.52 so i am going to update the firmware before i try to replace the second disk.

On the HP download page , when i select Netware as the OS, the latest recommended firmware is

5.06 but for Windows it is 6.00-2.

Is there a reason not to install the latest firmware on the controller with Netware running?


Re: p410i Smart Array Controller Firmware - Netware



As far as I know, there is no reason for installing latest firmware for Netware.

From the same download page, select Revision History and you will see the latest Version:6.64 (15 Jun 2015).

The only difference I can see is, version 5.06 is scexe file and new version is rpm file.

I am not a Netware expert, hence I don't know if rpm file can be used to update firmware online.


You may perform the OS Independent firmware update.



Thank You!
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