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Re: p410i license

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p410i license


I have a DL385 G7 server and I want use RAID 6. I ordered a FBWC with 1GB kit + license. I received and installed kit in first. Installed and while waiting for the license, I use demo license get by :

Today, my reseller say : "HPE no longer sells this license"

I have already data in my array.

The P410i show demo without end of trial period.

How can sure, this license is forever ?

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Jimmy Vance
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Re: p410i license

It is my understanding that if you update to the latest firmware for the controller, RAID 6 issupported without a license key

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Re: p410i license

Thank you Jimmy Vance,

I'm not sure to understand your reply.

You confirme me : the license key : 34T62-N84MB-7DQGY-G7XGT-YTQ63 is valid forever if my firmware of p410i is to latest version, but I can't found any information about that in the release note of firmware update.

What's happen if license expire ? Data lost ? No boot ? Boot but display message ? Boot but only for dome hours ? Claim valide license ? etc... ?