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partition issues on ML570 - SCO

tw eby
Occasional Contributor

partition issues on ML570 - SCO

I am having trouble accessing the 2nd partition on a drive array and was wondering if anyone knew what I missed.

what I have - HP ML570 g2 running SCO 5.0.7 system is configured with a 4200 SCSI controler with 12 disks  setup as RAID 1+0

what I did - the system was running short on disk space so what I did was to swap out the old 18gig drives with 300gig drives one at a time to allow the array to be rebuilt. after all of the drives were swaped I went into the HP array configuration utility and configured the new remaining array space to a second partition. now the array has 2 partitons, the first (original) of 108gig and the new second with 1.6tb. when I rebooted the system during bootup I went into the controller utility and confirmed both partitions were there and were reporting the sizes I was expecting. booted the system up and used mkdev hd to creare a new file system on the new partition. I entered the SCSI drive parameters as ID 1 on the same controller (ciss) as the first partition which was setup as ID 0. seemed logical to me. went through the configuration trying to setup the new partiton as a single file system. when all said and done I only ended up with a file system of about 20gig instead of the expected 1.8 terra.

anyone know where I went wrong?