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parts adding 2nd processor to ML350 G6

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parts adding 2nd processor to ML350 G6


I intend to add a 2nd processor to this server. I am aware of the need to have the same processor and memory config.

The 5 parts I believe I need are:

processor, processor latch/heatsink, memory, air baffle for the memory, fan for the airbaffle,

Is there an options kit in the Australian HPE web store? What would it contain?

Is there someone who would post the correct part numbers (processor and memory excluded)

When I purchase these items, will I get access to the latest BIOS, as required byHP's best practice here.

Are there any parts I have missed?

Thanks in advance.




Edwin Eppel
Valued Contributor

Re: parts adding 2nd processor to ML350 G6

Standard single cpu config should have 2 rear fans, 1 front fan and 1 DIMM baffle. A second CPU would require CPU, heatsink and second (front) DIMM baffle. The second DIMM baffle goes in front of the front fan so a fourth fan is not required. If you go for a "redundant" fan configuration then you would need to add the fourth fan and the large redundant fan air baffle. (See Server Maintenance and Service Guide page 94.)

Memory config for the 2nd CPU does not have to be identical, but it is prefered for load balancing and recommended. QuickSpecs document has the part numbers for the CPU, memory and redundant fan/baffle kit but I couldn't find the DIMM baffle. "Entitlement" is required for latest BIOS (you would have to buy a support contract).