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password recovery for GbE2

Steve Allwood
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password recovery for GbE2

How would I go about recovering the admin password on a GbE2 BL20p interconnect switch ?

I upgraded the firmware to 1.1.2 and now the admin password no longer works. The "user" password still works and the oper account is disabled.
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Re: password recovery for GbE2

Hi Peter,

from the user manual for GbE Interconnect Switch. First try blank user and blank password, this are the default settings.

User manual for GbE Interconnect Switch:

Table J-1: Troubleshooting: Setting Up and Accessing Problem Possible Cause Possible Solution Forgot the administrator user name and password that you configured on the GbE Interconnect Switch.
Unknown Call HP technical support at 1-800-652-6672 or your service representative and provide your GbE Interconnect Switch MAC address (available on the MAC address label attached to your GbE Interconnect Switch) to obtain a unique switch password. This password gives you Root privileges. After receiving the password, do the following:
1. Reboot the GbE Interconnect Switch.
2. Access the menu-driven interface.
3. Within 60 seconds of when the Logon screen displays, type the password in the Password field.
4. Leave the Username field blank.
5. Press the Enter key. The main menu will be displayed.
6. Access the User Accounts Management option and set a new Administrator password.

The GbE Interconnect Switch does not respond and will not boot. Corrupted configuration file IMPORTANT: Performing the following procedure sets the GbE Interconnect Switch configuration to the factory defaults and resets the switch Administrator name and password to null.
1. Connect to the GbE Interconnect Switch console from the async port on the front of the GbE Interconnect Switch.
2. Do one of the following:
â ¢ If possible, reboot the GbE Interconnect Switch from one of the user management interfaces.
â ¢ Insert a small, blunt object in to the Pwr/Rst button on the front of the GbE Interconnect Switch.
â ¢ Remove and reinsert the interconnect switch from the enclosure.
3. When â System self test 10%â displays on the screen, press the pound (#) key. The following message displays, â Do you want to load the default configuration? (y/n)â .
4. Type y to load the factory default conf