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porliant 5500 insalling windows 2003

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porliant 5500 insalling windows 2003

Im trying to install win 2003 on a proliant 5500.
I did a sys erase, and then configured the array. but it woont boot to the cdrom to install windows 2003.
Any help appreciated.
Rajashekar Chintakunta
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Re: porliant 5500 insalling windows 2003

Hi Thenek,


1. Boot the server with the Smart Start CD 5.5

2. System Utilities is launched. Run Erase Utility (a warning message will appear, click yes)

3. A message is displayed on a black screen saying that the process takes about 3 minutes. After the process is competed, it will say "System has been erased. Cycle system power now."

4. Restart the server with the power button.

5. The Smart Start boots, and window will appear where you have to select your Language. Click English,

6. A Regional Settings window appears...Select your Country, Date, Time and press OK. A System Summary window will appear, press continue.

7. The License agreement window will appear. Agree to the license and press OK.

8. Choose the desired Smart Start Path window appears. Select Manual configuration. Select begin.

9. Operating System Selection window appears. Select the OS that you want to install. If installing Windows 2003 select Windows 2000 Server Advanced. Click Next. An Operating System Warning message appears. Click Continue.

10. Smart Start loads the System Configuration Utility. If you have your server configured properly and everything is ok, a blue window appears that says "your computer and all detected boards have been configured"; this window will display the controller that you will use to control your hard drives if you have one. This same window will give you the option to manually adjust some configuration options for your server by going to Review or Modify HW Settings.

The Options given by the Window are Continue with Smart Start Installation and Review or Modify HW Settings.

11. These are the options that you have if you select Review or Modify HW Settings:

1. Important System Configuration Information (it's only text)

2. Add or Remove Boards (not used, only if necessary)

3. View or Edit Details (to check the Boot Controller Order, and HW settings...It's like the BIOS of the server)

4. Examine Switches or Print Report (not used, only if necessary)

5. Save and Exit

If you select Save and Exit another window will appear with 2 options:

Save the configuration and Restart the Computer


Discard the configuration and return to Main Menu

12. Select Save the configuration and restart the computer. A reboot message is displayed, press enter.

13. System reboots

14. Smart Start Loads and System Reboots again.

15. Smart Start Loads.

16. System Partition Installation Utility starts, System makes a Quick Format of the area for the partition, Smart Start files are decompressed, a HW Discovery is performed.

17. Smart Start Loads and asks you if you want to create a Support SW Diskette (Not necessary). Click Next to continue.

18. A window pops up saying that "the system is ready for the OS to be installed. Please remove the Smart Start CD". Remove the Smart Start CD and insert the Windows CD. Click Continue.

19. A "removing Smart Start Files" message appears and the Server reboots.

20. The Windows Setup starts (like any normal Windows setup), press F6 if necessary to specify additional SCSI drivers for the controller that you have on the system. If installing Windows 2003, this one should be able to install without any specific driver for any controller installed in a HP Proliant Server. If installing any other version of Windows download the specific driver for the controller that the server has installed from the HP website.

HP SmartStart CD version 5.50:

Oleg Koroz
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Re: porliant 5500 insalling windows 2003

does it boot to any other cd ?
how you did array â with smart start or F8 ?
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Re: porliant 5500 insalling windows 2003

This issue is after the raid array config, the system reboots and then it wont pickup the smart start CD again.