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porliant dl360, upgrade to 2003 server

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porliant dl360, upgrade to 2003 server

i am currently running linux on this box. i need to install server 2003 on it now. what steps do i need to take to do this.
Tarek Kawach
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Re: porliant dl360, upgrade to 2003 server

Hi Jeff:

Is this DL360 G1 or G2,G3,G4 etc server

- first need to make sure have the latest firmware for that server.

- can do manual install only if G1 server since the smart start support for 2003 only started with Smart start 6.30 and up. and the 6.xx smart start dosenot work on that server for install.

- can only use smartstart 5.50 for G1 server.

- once you have latest firmware and logical drive created; can do windows 2003 manual install without smart start if you like. and make sure F6 and windows have right controller drive for the Emedded ROC if G1; can also use the NT4 driver cp002547.exe.

and install normally as if you are installing on regular pc.

Best regards,

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Re: porliant dl360, upgrade to 2003 server

Go with the manual install. There are some other threads for Setting up your Compaq ProLiant Server without SmartStart, there there are documents that walk you through it.

Basically you just need all the applications Sys erase, SCU, Diags, and finally ACU, and all the drivers for the lastest Windows available, for the Windows Setup.
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