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post error 212 processor 2 failed

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post error 212 processor 2 failed

hi everybody, I have proliant server  whith windows server 2008 R2  I got post Error 212 processor 2 failed during the boot Process,after that the server is lighting red but starting windows normally, the server has ILO 2 Management Processor, please provide me with any solution to eliminate this error, and tell me if there is a way to disable dynamic Power capping in DL380 Servers

 thank you in advance


Re: post error 212 processor 2 failed



For 212 processor error, try updating the iLO 2 firmware and reboot.

If that does not fix the error, there could be issue with processor or slot itself.

Swap Processor 1 to Slot 2 and vice versa, you will come to know if the issue is with processor or slot.


For Dynamic power capping settings see this link:


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Re: post error 212 processor 2 failed


thank you sir for you reply, another question i have, actualy it is strange problem ,  by the way i did ilo 2 firmware upgrade but the issue not fixed, now as you know this server has two processors, so if i ignored the error, will the server stop responding in the future ? please advice me because it is our database server.


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Re: post error 212 processor 2 failed

The last DL380 G6 firmware update was from last July... I have it installed on all of my own DL360 and DL380 G6 models (4 or 5 of them) and haven't seen any problems.

If you don't reboot your servers too often (after all, you just recently updated the firmware from 9 months ago or so) then it could be simply that the processor was getting a little iffy, and the reboot for the firmware update happened to bring that out.

It wouldn't be the first time I've seen everything on some system running smoothly, and then I rebooted and it all blew up. Last time was on a Juniper firewall... that was annoying (memory decided to die when I rebooted after an OS update).