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power consumption ML350 Gen8


power consumption ML350 Gen8

Hello can some one help me. I think that there is someting going wrong in the Power Advisor.


I can't believe the output for the ML350e Gen8


ProLiant ML350e Gen8 Server Summary      

aantal          partnummer         omschrijving

1                   665868-B21        E5-2420

3                   647897-B21        8GB PC3L

3                   652611-B21        300GB 15k SAS

2                   656362-B21       460 W Platinum


Line Voltage            230 VAC

VA Rating                 264.67 VA

BTU HR                     898.64 BTU

System Current     1.15 A

System Wattage   263.53 W

Idle                            71.63 W

Circuit Sizing          263.53 W

Weight (Kg)           43.85 Kg

Weight (lbs)           96.67 lbs



The Workload file is already attached.


Thanks for the response !

Kind regards,

SpareIT - Remco de Kievit

Re: power consumption ML350 Gen8

I recieved an email from :






Thank you for sending your HPA file. We are unable to find a problem with the configuration and the power summary generated.


In regards to the weight included in the summery, the HP Power Advisor uses the maximum weight specs as we are unable to provide an exact weight estimate based on the configuration.


Best regards,

Solution Sizer and Power Advisor Team




But if this is true than I will never sell / buy the ML350e because of there power use. The ML350p will be a beter option.



Kind regards,

SpareIT - Remco de Kievit