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problem with DL380 G4

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problem with DL380 G4

Server Proliant DL380 G4 has not booted after the next turn off. It switches on, starts to be initialized. All LED's shine the green. LED's "STATUS" change an order - but it is not described anywhere that they designate. On the screen it is displayed nothing. The description of these LED's would help, I think, to understand at what stage of initialization it rises and to understand, what to do further.
State LED's after which loading is enclosed does not proceed.
iLO it is not accessible (does not receive the address from DHCP)

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: problem with DL380 G4

Hi, usually these LEDs might be hard to find. But if you're lucky, they're the port85 LEDs. These (and others) you can find explained in the 'ProLiant Troubleshooting Guide'.

Often when there are poweron/boot issues it's a good idea to get the server down to minimal config. With as few components as possible.